Get paid to create and share viral media

What is the MAKE Platform and what is it used for?

The MAKE platform is a search engine for viral media. It's an app that lets users submit and share media in the easiest, simplest way possible: through a keyboard. This way, all of your favorite media will be available to you in all of the apps you already use.


How do I earn tokens using MAKE?

Ads on the platform fuel our revenue pool which is then paid out to our most active users. Creators who upload their original media earn tokens the more it gets used or shared by other users. Consumers earn tokens when they interact with brands by winning contests, sharing sponsored media, taking polls, playing games, ranking and sorting media, and much more. A full list can be found here:


How can I advertise using MAKE?

There are over 10 ways to deliver targeted ads in the MAKE app with more to come:

  1. Purchase banner ad space in popular content feeds

  2. Promote content to make it more visible to users in search results or when browsing

  3. Create branded media that links to your site or profile when followed

  4. Create branded instant games with token rewards for high scores

  5. License #tags to get more relevant traffic

  6. Hire influencers to create media featuring your product

  7. Pay per share for word-of-mouth advertising

  8. Create polls and quizzes with token rewards (i.e. what flavor of Starburst are you)

  9. Post content creation contests with token rewards (i.e. best Star Wars meme)

  10. Create branded sticker packs, emojis, and GIFs


How do I spend tokens?

Once earned, tokens can be used to purchase ad space, to promote content, or to purchase products and services from our partnered users. All uses for tokens can be found in our whitepaper:


How do I purchase MAKE?

To participate in the MAKE Token private pre-sale, please fill out our whitelist application or contact

Once the public sale has begun, you can register and participate at


When does the token sale take place?

Our Private Presale goes live September 1st. After that, we’ll launch our Pre-Sale November 1st and our Crowdsale January 21st!


What kind of token is MAKE?

MAKE is an ERC-20 standard utility token. We use the Ethereum blockchain to share our revenues with all of our users!


When will I receive my MAKE tokens?

All tokens will be distributed weekly via smart contract with all tokens frozen until ICO completion.


Can I purchase MAKE in my country?

After much consideration, we’ve decided that MAKE tokens will not be sold in the United States, China, or any country that prohibits the sale of cryptocurrencies.


What is ShiftWear?

ShiftWear is a high-tech apparel brand that uses flexible displays to allow people to display anything they want on their clothes from a smartphone. Once released, ShiftWear will use MAKE as its media marketplace. ShiftWear will allow its users to earn tokens by walking around displaying ads on their Sneakers, hats, shirts, and more.


MAKE is a keyboard app?

Yes, at the beginning, MAKE will be used as a keyboard app where users can quickly search and browse lots of user-generated content from within any social app or messenger. Users can save and organize their favorites, play games, submit new media, and much more. As a user, you can earn tokens for creating, saving, and sharing media. Simple as that!


What’s next?

Once we have a large database of high quality, user-generated content and advertisers, we’ll begin plugging our platform into other technologies that can use it. We’re starting with ShiftWear and VR, allowing our users to access their favorite media on new tech platforms. After that, we’ll move on to gaming, AR, IOT billboards, streams, and more.


How do you share your revenues?

When users start to post new media, save and share branded content, promote MAKE, and use the platform, they build a participation score. Everyday, we take up to 70% of our revenues and distribute them to our users based on their scores.


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